This is the Family Tree Section of our website. It contains information about a substantial percentage of the people in our database. Only basic information is included: birth, baptism, marriage, and death data, and basic source information. We have completed considerable research on some of the people you find here, but others are clearly at the “work in progress” stage.

The purpose of this section is to establish contact with other researchers interested in the same people. We have more information on many of the people listed here, including detailed source references, and in some cases a little about additional relatives not included here. If you find someone of interest please use the “Contact ” links found throughout the site.

You can browse this section using the site-wide index at the left. Or, you can use the Search Function to search the entire Many Roots, Many Branches site for names, places or other key words if you prefer.

A few of the people included in this section also appear in our Family History Section, which contains much more detail about selected people. A cross-reference note and link appears in this section for each person who is also in that section to help you find the additional information if you are interested.

It is also of course more than possible that you will find incorrect information on this site. If so, please send me the corrected information (and your source for it, if possible, as sometimes the discrepancy is just that sources may disagree). I will attempt to add information that people send me as often as my time permits (which may not be as frequently as some may hope).

Finally you will find that the website provides no information on living persons. This was done in order to protect the privacy of those who may not wish to have information about their lives out there for all to see. If you send me information on living persons, I will certainly add it to my more complete data covering everyone. Perhaps at some time in the future I will be able to make this more complete genealogy available to others on a somewhat selective basis (again taking care to protect the privacy of the living.)

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