The Young family branch which we have established a connection with descends from Robert Young, a weaver of Paisley, Scotland. He had several children with his wife, Isabel Foulds, two of whom, Robert and John, eventually immigrated to the United States, where they became coal mine operators.

The earliest known Young is our Robert Young of Paisley who we believed died about 1808. His wife, Isabel, remarried, and have several more children.


While it focuses on several branches of these families over many generations, in overview it focuses on the descendants of the people listed below:

  • Robert Young who was a weaver in Paisley, Scotland, and was husband to Isabel Foulds.
  • Isabel Foulds wife of Robert Young, who then married Lt. William Birkmyre after Robert's death.


This work would have been impossible without the assistance of several other people. Most importantly, it never would have occurred were it not for the previous genealogical works of M. Robert B. Klinger, who gave a photocopy of one of his books to my grandfather, Robert Grant. This book detailed what he knew of the Young branch of the family, up to three of the Scottish Young brothers, including Robert and John, who immigrated to the United States.