While this page is still under construction, it has been designed to present genealogical research findings related to the Wiswell and Norman families and their allied families. In overview, it focuses on the descendants of Thomas WISWALL, immigrant ancestor from England to America; Aren NOORMAN, immigrant ancestor from Holland to United States; James MAGINNIS, immigrant ancestor from Ireland to the United States; Henry RECTOR; and Chauncy HAWLEY; as well as several others.

This work would have been impossible without the assistance of several other people. Most importantly, it never would have occurred were it not for the many family stories told to me by my great grandmother, Grace (Norman) Wiswell, her numerous children and grandchildren, including my own father. Finally I must also thank the hard work of other researchers I have encountered along the way. My hope is that the compilation of this work will connect all of us with others that share a connection to us.

Grace (Norman) Wiswell
Claude Wiswell
Claude and Grace Wiswell family
The Norman extended family, early 1900s
  • William Wiswell who with his first wife, Mercy Woodward, lived in Marlborough, New Hampshire, and later in McKean Township, Pennsylvania, and also has a probable deeper ancestry which we have not yet confirmed
  • Mercy Woodward who with her husband, William Wiswell, lived in New Hampshire and later Pennsylvania
  • Leendert Arensze Noorman who with his wife, Pieternella Jantze Luime, lived in Goedereede, the Netherlands
  • Pieternella Jantze Luime who had 2 children with her husband, Leendert, of whom we are aware, and both of them believed to have emigrated to America