While this page is still under construction, it has been designed to present genealogical research findings related to the Smit, Linsky, and Nuijen families, along with other allied families. In overview, it focuses on the descendants of Gerrit NUIJEN of Overijssel, the Netherlands; Geert SMIT of Groningen, the NETHERLANDS; George LINSKY of Lithuania; Stephan KOEKEWITS of Poland; and Jan Stevens TEN CATE of Groningen, the Netherlands; as well as several others.

This work would have been impossible without the assistance of several other people. Most importantly, it never would have occurred were it not for the many family stories told to me by my grandmother, Mary Ann (Smith) Grant, when I was a child. They were the first and most important inspiration. I am further indebted to her great aunt, Antje (Smit] Longjohn - affectionately known as Auntie - and her great grandmother, Marianne (Nuijen) Smit. Both of them immigrated to Michigan from Holland and shared many of their stories with my grandmother. Finally I must also thank the hard work of other researchers I have encountered along the way. My hope is that the compilation of this work will connect all of us with others that share a connection to us.

Marianne (Nuijen) Smit & family
  • Geert Smit who lived in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands, who married Freerkje Jans Klein, and after her death, then married her older sister, Ettjen Jans Klein
  • Freerkje Jans Klein who had children with her husband, Geert Smit, before dying young
  • Evert Gerrits Nuijjen who may have been born in Heerde, the Netherlands, and eventually raised several children with his wife, Janna Arents
  • Janna Arents who was from Overijssel province in the Netherlands and married Evert Gerrits Nuijen
  • Stephan Koekewits a soldier originally from Poland, who married a Dutch woman, Trijntje Harms, and ultimately died during the time of the Napoleonic wars
  • Trijntje Harms who married Stephan Koekewits, had at least one and perhaps two children born in Suriname, and after her husband's death was a merchant in the city of Groningen
  • Jan Stevens ten Cate who lived in Veendam, Groningen, and had several children with his wife, Aaltje Hindriks
  • Aaltje Hindriks who had several children with her husband, Jan Stevens ten Cate
Nuijen - Netherlands
Nuijen family migrations in the Netherlands