Robert Young1

M, #763, b. 16 May 1795, d. 15 July 1835
FatherRobert Young1 b. a 1770
MotherIsabel Foulds2 b. 30 Nov 1775


Caroline Kimball b. 18 December 1807, d. 7 March 1892
Family BackgroundGrant - Klinger Ancestry and Allied Families
Young Family of Paisley, Scotland
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     Robert Young was born on Saturday, 16 May 1795 in Low Church parish, in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.2 Robert and Caroline Kimball, daughter of Richard Kimball and Polly Marsh, were married. Robert died at age 40 on Wednesday, 15 July 1835 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.1
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     Robert was baptized on 11 June 1795 in Low Church parish, in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.2 He was christened on 11 June 1795 in Low Church parish, Paisley.1,3,2 On 2 May 1826, Robert purchased from John Bower and his wife Nancy for the sum of $500 60 acres of land in Schuylkill Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. This record further stated that Robert was a gentleman of Norwegian Township.4 The Young brothers, Robert and John, began operating a coal mine by a drift on the Salem vein in Norwegian Township sometime in 1827 or 1828. Over the next several years, they became important coal operators in the region.5
     Robert made out his will on 7 May 1835 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Caroline Young, William Birkmyre, Adam Birkmyre and Isabella Birkmyre were named in his will as heirs to the estate. Alexander Young and James Young were mentioned in the will. In addition to his wife, he appointed his friends, John F. Hazzard, a merchant of Pottsville, and William Bosbyshell, a merchant of Port Carbon, as his executors. He left his wife, Caroline, $1000 per year until his debts were settled, after which, if funds were sufficient, she would receive $1500 per quarter as an annuity based on the rents of his properties or whatever investments his executors made upon sale of those properties. In addition, he left her his house and the two fields immediately adjacent to it. He further directed that his half-brothers, William and Adam, and his half-sister, Isabella, each should receive $1000. Moreover, he stipulated that on no account, should his brothers, Alexander and James Young, both of London, be appointed executors. Finally he directed that the remainder of his estate be given to the Borough of Pottsville and Town of Port Carbon for the purposes of founding a hospital.6 Robert wrote a codicil to his will on 6 July 1835. Isabel Birkmyre was mentioned in this codicil. He directed that his mother, Isabella, should receive an annuity of $300 after his debts were paid.6
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