Peter McWilliams1

M, #3213, b. about 1802
FatherCaleb McWilliams1
MotherHepsabet Wheeler1
Family BackgroundGrant - Klinger Ancestry and Allied Families


     Peter may have been born about 1802.2
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     On 25 October 1843, Peter sold to Ephraim McWilliams of King Township for 50 pounds 200 acres of land that he had inherited from his mother in King Township, Home District (now York County), Canada West (now Ontario). According to the land record, he resided in King Township, and was said to be "the eldest son and heir at law" of his mother, to whom the parcel had originally been granted by the Crown. The record also identifies both parties as farmers. While the relationship of the two men is uncertain, it is possible that Ephraim is a younger brother of Peter.1
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