This is the Narrative Section of my family history website. This section is limited to a few family lines for which I feel my research has reached the point where it is ready to share with others. It is intended for readers who are interested in learning more about the people in those family lines.

You can browse this section using the site-wide index at the left, or examine specific lines using the links below. For each family, there is an index to everyone in the family and an introductory page which provides background on the family and contains links to key people and to charts and maps pertaining to the family.


Family Lines Included:

The Grant and Klinger families who officially met up in Michigan but originated from Canada, Pennsylvania, Germany, and Scotland, among other places.

The Wiswell and Norman families who also officially met up in Michigan but originated from Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, the Netherlands, Massachusetts, Ireland, and England, among other places.

The Smit and Nuijen families who came together in the Netherlands, ended up mostly in Michigan, but also had some contributions from Poland, other parts of eastern Europe and possibly other more distant lands.

The Linsky (Plintauskas) family who emigrated from what is now Lithuania and eventually settled in the Hartford, Connecticut area.

Others to be added later.


It is important for those who venture further to realize that this is a work in progress, and as my time to update things here is limited, that progress may appear very slow. Readers will note that some of the personal histories in here read fairly well in the narrative section, while many others may seem incomplete. I will slowly work on improving this, but as you might imagine that is an enormous project Readers may also observe that some sections are full of footnotes, while others have relatively few. My ongoing process of editing involves both improving the prose and the references to the historical sources.This is, in every sense of the phrase, a work in progress.

It is also of course more than possible that you will find incorrect information on this site. If so, please send me the corrected information (and your source for it, if possible, as sometimes the discrepancy is just that sources may disagree). I will attempt to add information that people send me as often as my time permits (which may not be as frequently as some may hope). I will of course give credit where credit is due.

Readers should note the little camera and document icons that may be found in portions of the text. Clicking on these icons will take you to other graphic or textual information. There aren't many here yet, but you should utilize these, as they are one of the advantages to internet publishing. It's like having a picture in a book. Following is a list of icons used on this website:

Links to a photograph or a map.

Links to a document or document transcription.

There are also flag icons for people in the database to indicate the country of birth when known.

Finally you will find that the website provides no information on living persons. This was done in order to protect the privacy of those who may not wish to have information about their lives out there for all to see. If you send me information on living persons, I will certainly add it to my more complete personal data covering everyone. Perhaps at some time in the future there may arise a way to make this more complete genealogy available to others on a somewhat selective basis. However I take the privacy of living people very seriously, so it is entirely possible that I will never publicly share any such information, even in a limited way, without permission of those people.

You may send a private e-mail to me by clicking on the Contact link, which will show you the e-mail address at which I may be contacted..I would be delighted to hear from any and all fellow researchers. Whatever you do, I hope you will enjoy the fruit of work done so far.

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