The Linsky family branch came from what is now known as the nation of Lithuania to the United States in the last decade of the 19th century. For a variety of reasons it is important to understand that Lithuania did not exist as a nation state until after World War I, but then was absorbed by the Soviet Union in 1939 and remained under that authority until it achieved the independence it still has today in 1991. That said Lithuania was a grand duchy from the 13th century until 1569, when it became a commonwealth with Poland, which then lasted until 1795 when most of the country was taken over by Russia.

Lithuania Today
Indicating suspected hometown of Jurgis and Antanas Plintauskas

Some understanding of this history is likely critical to an understanding of at least some of the name changes associated with this Linsky family branch. The initial immigrant ancestors that are the focus here - George and Anthony Linsky - used multiple surnames. The branch of the family associated with George in particular employed numerous variations of the Linsky name. Among the names used have been:













George Linsky's first name, moreover was likely Jurgis at the time of his birth, while his probable younger brother, Anthony, would have been Antanas.


While the work here undoubtedly connects to several branches of these families over many generations, in overview it focuses on the descendants of the people listed below:

  • George Linsky who may have arrived in New York in 1893, marrying his wife Agnes in New York later that decade, then moving to Boston, before moving to Newark, New Jersey, and eventually to the Hartford, Connecticut area.
  • Agnes Gretchen who, with her husband George Linsky, eventually settled outside of Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Anthony Linsky who initially immigrated to New York City, where he married his wife Konstancya, sometimes known as Mary, later moving to Detroit where they lived for several years, before moving to the Hartford, Connecticut area.


This work would have been impossible without the assistance of others. In particular I was fortunate enough to discover Marion Barre, granddaughter of Anthony Linsky, who has provided invaluable information and significant historical treasures that have helped to piece together some of the story of these immigrant ancestors.