This page has been designed to present genealogical research findings related to the Grant and Klinger families and their allied families.


Joel Klinger
Mary Alice (Crane) and John Grant
Susan (Young) Klinger

While it focuses on several branches of these families over many generations, in overview it focuses on the descendants of the people listed below:

  • Charles Grant and his wife, Esther, of York County, Ontario

  • Esther McWilliams wife and then widow of Charles Grant, probably born and raised in King Township, Onario, and late in life followed two of her children to settle in Goshen, Indiana

  • Benjamin Klinger and his wife, Magdalene, who left the area of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, where both their families had lived for generations, and settled in southwestern Michigan

  • Magdalene Kimmel daughter of Johannes Kimmel and Magdalene Faust of Schuylkill County, and wife of Benjamin Klinger

  • Stephen B. Crane and his wife, Eunice, who probably married in Seneca County, New York, where they raised their children before moving to southwestern Michigan

  • Eunice McCarty wife of Stephen B. Crane, who was probably born in Vermont before arriving in Seneca County, New York

  • Horace Parmeter who while in his 40s or perhaps older joined the Union Army at the outset of the Civil War, but very shortly thereafter became ill, was discharged and died shortly thereafter

  • Sarah Benson who with her husband, Horace Parmeter, both originally from Vermont, eventually settled in Kalamazoo, Michigan, probably sometime in the 1840s

  • Robert Young immigrant ancestor from Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, who emigrated with his brother John to Pennsylvania, where they established a coal mine

  • Caroline Kimball daughter of Richard Kimball and Polly Marsh of New Hampshire, who married the coal mine operator, Robert Young, and was widowed at a young age, only to later marry an eminent professor from Dartmouth College who went on to become ambassador to Portugal

  • Caleb McWilliams who with his wife, Hepsabet, raised several children in King Township, Ontario

  • Hepsabet Wheeler daughter of a United Empire Loyalist, Ephraim Wheeler, and wife of Caleb McWilliams of King Township

Robert Young family migrations


This work would have been impossible without the assistance of several other people. Most importantly, it never would have occurred were it not for the many family stories told to me by my dearly departed grandparents, Robert Grant and Mary Ann (Smith) Grant, when I was a child. They were the first and most important inspiration. I am further indebted to my late granduncle, Muryl Grant, for the descendancy chart he prepared several years ago on Charles Grant. While, at least in some respects, I have not been able to definitively take his work any further back with regards to the Grant line, I have certainly been able to expand upon his original work. I am also very indebted to the many works of the late M. Robert B. Klinger. The research I have done on the Klinger and Young families would have been impossible without drawing upon his work. Finally I must also thank the hard work of other researchers I have encountered along the way, particularly the late Elaine Bourke, Lorraine Scott, Suzanne Waher, Judy Altug, and Maria Reynolds. My hope is that the compilation of this work will connect all of us with others that share a connection to us.